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Student Life

While Tulane is a challenging university, it is also supportive. The School of Architecture pairs first-year students with upperclassmen mentors to introduce them to the school’s unique culture.

The Tulane School of Architecture is comprised of approximately 350 undergraduate and graduate students. It is a close-knit community of makers and thinkers working together to develop their skills as designers. Faculty members are knowledgeable and accessible, with a genuine interest in student achievement and experience. Small, engaging classes allow students to receive personalized attention crucial to the creative process. 

Students also receive support from studio groups and a dedicated undergraduate academic advisor. Several student-run groups provide the opportunity for leadership within the larger School of Architecture community. And a snapshot of student life at the School can be found in theCharette, a student-edited publication: www.the-charrette.com

Major advising within the School of Architecture is handled by the Assistant Dean for Academics, Allison Cruz, our in-house Academic Advisor Andrew Lorelli, and our Program Directors.

The Fabrication Labs provides students with opportunities to enrich their three-dimensional design explorations while developing their education in fabrication technologies.

Personalized career services are available to TuSA students through one-on-one career advising, career workshops and events, dynamic resources and communications, and an elective course.

Library resources and services supporting the Tulane School of Architecture are distributed among these locations:

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

Latin American Library

Southeastern Architectural Archive 

Academic policies and codes of conduct for Tulane University students are outlined in the Code of Academic Conduct and the Code of Student Conduct. Students should also refer to the university catalog of the year they matriculated (year started at Tulane) for general policies and information. This code applies to all undergraduate students, full-time and part-time, at Tulane University.

The School of Architecture sponsors various overseas programs of study, research, and travel. These programs, developed by individual faculty members, carry elective and/or design studio credit. Recent programs have been conducted in Finland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico and Brasil. Future programs will also include travel and study in the Netherlands as part of a series of programs on water cities.

Architecture Student Government is an organization comprised and representative of the entire architecture student body, funded by the larger governing body USG. ASG's role is to organize and empower the student body of TSA in the spirit of responsibility to ourselves, the community and the public, cooperation amongst our colleagues and concern for the built environment as a whole. ASG is involved in organizing lectures and special events such as the Deisgn Symposium, TGIF, Beaux Arts Ball and the annual Student + Faculty Gallery and Auction.

The Architecture Peer Success Leaders (APSLs) Program is a peer support program for undergraduate and graduate students. Each year, APSL students are selected to provide support, encouragement, and guidance to their peers to help them navigate the challenges associated with adjusting to and succeeding in architecture school, including the rigorous demands of architecture studio.