Side view looking up at three brick building facades with stacks of fire escape stairs and rows of windows.


Real Estate Development

The Tulane School of Architecture offers coursework in real estate including a real estate bachelor’s degree and real estate development graduate degrees. All programs focus on experiential learning and are taught by leaders in academia and the real estate development profession. The coursework is interdisciplinary in nature, including topics in real estate finance, development, economics, design, planning and legal issues.

The Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development (MSRED) degree is practice-oriented and emphasizes opportunities for students. We equip our graduates with a blended education in business, economics, sustainable design, urbanism, and legal issues.

The Bachelor of Science in Real Estate (BSRE) is a comprehensive undergraduate major that teaches the core concepts of real estate including real estate finance and project management, while integrating unique offerings including design and related environmental concerns.

The Minor in Real Estate is designed to introduce the essential knowledge and skills for entry level positions and careers in the real estate industry. Students can complete the minor requirements during the Fall and Spring semesters, or through an intensive, 12-week Summer program.

The graduate Sustainable Real Estate Development Certificate curriculum program gives students the basic tools and knowledge to navigate the demands of being part of a development team and contribute with solutions that provide a lasting, positive impact on the project, its users and surrounding community.


Casius Pealer

Casius Pealer

Director of Real Estate Development, Shane Professor of Practice

John Huppi

John Huppi

Associate Director of Real Estate Development, Professor of Practice