Tuition & Financial Aid


Tulane University seeks to offer educational opportunities to qualified students regardless of their current ability to meet their expenses. Tulane provides opportunities to help cover the cost of educating a student through extensive merit and need–based scholarships, grants, loans and campus employment. The difference is often covered by endowments and gifts. This combination of financial components makes for an affordable investment in your educational future. For more information regarding Tuition and Financial Aid, please see below.

For Graduate Students

Graduate students typically rely on any combination of the following four types of funding. Prospective students should explore all options:

  • Grants and scholarships (competitive, typically funded within the School of Architecture)
  • Federal and/or private loans (need-based or competitive)
  • Off-campus employment and work-study (need-based)
  • Teaching/Research Assistantships (competitive)

Merit-based scholarships are available to domestic and foreign graduate students on a competitive basis. Distribution of these awards occurs upon admittance to the program as determined by the Dean and the Graduate Program Director. All graduate students are eligible for Teaching Assistantships. These are determined by the experience of the student and the needs of the course instructors.

Only U.S. citizens may apply for federal loans. Students can begin the process by filling out the FAFSA form. As an extension of this need-based application, domestic students may also be eligible for work-study. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information about other federal and private loans. Grad students are assigned aid counselors based on their last name. More information can be found here. To make an appointment or to schedule a telephone query, please contact the main office at or call 504.865.5723 or 1.800.335.3210.

Listed here are a few financing alternatives to assist students and their parents with educational expenses not covered by other forms of financial aid. Options include a monthly payment plan (TIPP) and/or 529 plans.

Tulane Installment Payment Plan (TIPP): Tulane offers an installment payment program designed to help students/families with financial planning, as the program allows for monthly payments to be paid prior to the start of an upcoming semester. For more details please visit the Tulane Accounts Receivable Office website.

529 Plans: A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future educational costs. 529 plans, legally known as "qualified tuition plans," are authorized by Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code.

-Tulane University participates in the Private College 529 Plan

-Information on how to use funds from a 529 plan to pay towards Tulane University expenses can be found on the Tulane Accounts Receivable Office website.