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Tuition & Financial Aid


The Tulane School of Architecture provides opportunities for merit scholarships and financial aid to all students. See below for more information on Tuition and Financial Aid.

Cost of Attendance

You can view the total costs of attendance for Undergraduate programs here in PDF (TXT accessible) and Graduate programs here in PDF (TXT accessible).

For Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students can find more information about scholarships and financial aid on the Tulane Admissions website or by contacting an admissions counselor.

For Graduate Students

Tulane offers many opportunities for funding graduate programs including merit scholarships, financial aid, and assistantships, as well as the TuSA Boudreaux Scholarship.

Merit Scholarships

All applicants are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. These awards are based on academic achievement and are determined by the admissions committee. They are annually renewed based on full-time enrollment status and academic performance. The School of Architecture does not offer full-tuition scholarships.

Financial Aid

U.S. citizens may apply for federal aid by filling out FAFSA. Students may be eligible for federal loans, work-study, and other opportunities through federal aid. For more information, visit the Office of Financial Aid website or contact your financial aid counselor.

Additionally, learn more with the Tulane Comprehensive Guide to Financial Aid.


Graduate students are eligible to apply for teaching or research assistantships. These opportunities pay $15 per hour and are available for 12-20 hours per week. Assistantships cannot be used for tuition remission, and these opportunities are only made available at the start of each semester.

Other Financing Options

Tulane offers an installment payment program designed to help students pay monthly payments prior to the start of an upcoming semester. For more details, please visit the Tulane Accounts Receivable Office website.