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The purpose of the minor in Architecture is to provide an opportunity for Tulane undergraduate students who choose to study architecture beyond the introductory level but who do not wish to pursue a major or a professional degree in the field. The requirements are designed to allow students as much flexibility as possible in pursuing their individual interests while also providing a basic overview of the discipline. Students wishing to minor in architecture should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs to establish a curriculum.

A minor in architecture requires at least five courses and a minimum of 15 hours of course work within the School of Architecture. The only specifically required course is Introduction to Architecture. In addition to this introductory history course, the minor requires a minimum of two courses from the design, history/theory, and/or technology curricula. Some of these courses have prerequisites and, in order to enroll in them, minors must satisfy the prerequisites or have permission of the instructor. Students may satisfy the remainder of the credit requirement for a minor with any courses offered within the School of Architecture.

Students should see the Director of Student Affairs to register in architecture courses.