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The NAAB accredited M.Arch program is designed for individuals with a bachelor's degree in any area of study who wish to enter the profession of architecture.

The post-professional M.S.ARC program is designed for individual with an accredited professional architecture degree who wish to enter an academic career in architecture and affiliated fields.

The NAAB accredited five-year B.Arch program prepares undergraduate students for the profession of architecture with a balanced study in the liberal arts.

The four-year BSA program prepares undergraduate students for professional graduate studies in architecture and other career paths in the affiliated field.

The Minor in Architecture provides undergraduate students an opportunity to study architecture beyond the introductory level without majoring or pursuing a professional degree.

We educate and empower a new generation of architects and visionaries, dedicated to designing the buildings, places and institutions that create vibrant, vital and sustainable cities.


Emilie Taylor Welty
Director of Architecture

Emilie Taylor Welty

Director of Architecture

Headshot of Ammar Eloueini

Ammar Eloueini

Director of Graduate Architecture