Fall 2021 Final Reviews

You're invited to attend the Tulane School of Architecture's Fall 2021 Final Reviews. This event will be a combination of in-person and virtual sessions, featuring presentations of student work in architecture, design, and historic preservation.

UPDATE (12/16/21 at 3pm): Due to a recent increase in COVID cases in the Tulane undergraduate community, some of our in-person reviews are in the process of shifting to online. Please check back for updates as changes are made.

In-person visitors who are not members of the Tulane faculty, staff or student communities must first check in at NQ1 in the Architecture Pavilions, as per the City of New Orleans' and Tulane's COVID protocol for events.

Exact locations and links to view the virtual sessions via YouTube will be added. Check back soon!

ARCH 1011

Site+Shelter+Prospect / Core Foundation Studio

Monday, December 13 | 9am - 12pm

In-Person | NQ5, Architecture Pavilions, Tulane University

  • Faculty: Marianne Desmarais (coordinator), Michael Crosby, Miwako Hattori, Emmanuel Osorno, Kenneth Schwartz

ARCH 2021

Jefferson Island Environmental Education Center / Intermediate Core Studio 

Monday, December 13 | 1pm - 5pm | Virtual

Faculty: Carrie Norman (coordinator), YouTube Channel 1 | Andrew Liles, YouTube Channel 2 | Wendy Redfield, YouTube Channel 3

Wednesday, December 15 | 1pm - 5pm | Virtual

Faculty: Nimet Anwar, YouTube Channel 1 | Nick Jenisch, YouTube Channel 2 | Charles Jones, YouTube Channel 3

Guest Reviewers: Omar Ali (TuSA), Francisco Gomes (UT Austin), Matthew Griffith (In Situ Studio), Molly Hunker (Syracuse University; SPORTS Collaborative), Randy Hutchinson (Randy Hutchinson Architecture; TuSA M.Arch '07), Judith Kinnard (TuSA), Wei-Han Vivian Lee (University of Toronto; LAMAS Architecture), Robert Mosby (ZGF Architects; TuSA M.Arch '14), Sergio Padilla (LSU; Civic Studio; TuSA M.Arch '03), Seth Rodewald-Bates (James Corner Field Operations), Troy Schaum (Rice Architecture; Schaum/Shieh Architects), Benjamin J. Smith (TuSA)

ARCH 6021

Jefferson Island Environmental Education Center / Intermediate Core Studio 

Monday, December 13 | 1pm - 5pm

Virtual | YouTube Channel 4

  • Faculty: Cordula Roser Gray
  • Guest Reviewers: Ruth Berktold (YES Architecture), Marcella Del Signore (New York Institute of Technology), Marianne Desmarais (TuSA faculty and M.Arch '95), Ramiro Diaz (Waggonner & Ball Architects), Margarita Jover (TuSA)

ARCH 3031

Kansas City - Scenarios for a Resilient Neighborhood / Intermediate Core Studio

Wednesday, December 15 & Friday, December 17 | 12pm - 6pm

Virtual | YouTube Channel 4

  • Faculty: Irene Keil (coordinator), Omar Ali, Sonsoles Vela Navarro
  • Guest Reviewers: Mona El Khafif (University of Virginia), Margarita Jover (TuSA), John McMorrough (University of Michigan; studioAPT), Javier Mosquera (UPM/ETSAM), David Schneider, Gabriel Smith (Allied Works; TuSA M.Arch '88)

DESG 1005

CANCELED: Fundamentals of Design and Making

  • Faculty: Jill Stoll (coordinator), Shelby Mills, Adam Newman
  • Guest Reviewers: Elaina Berkowitz (Trahan Architects), Hannah Berryhill (Trapolin-Peer Architects; TuSA M.Arch *18), Edson Cabalfin (TuSA), Michael Dalle Molle (TuSA), Bernie January (Heartsleeve), Samantha Lindley (TuSA), Natasha Noordhoff (Heartsleeve), Gabrielle Rashleigh (SCAPE Studio; TuSA M.Arch *21), David Schneider (Trahan Architects)


All Research Studios reviews will be held on Friday, December 17.

AMENDED TIME: Yamuna River Project | 12:30pm - 5pm | In-Person & Virtual | The Commons, Room 333, Tulane University, and YouTube Channel 1

  • Faculty: Iñaki Alday, Andrea Bardon de Tena, Pankaj Vir Gupta
  • Guest Reviewers: Carol M. Reese (TuSA), Emmanuel Osorno (TuSA)

Building Preservation: Documenting and Assessing the Historic Built Environment | 1pm - 5pm | NEW Virtual | Invite Only

  • Faculty: Brent Fortenberry, Jane Ashburn
  • Guest Reviewers: Carter Burns (Historic Natchez Foundation), Ann Masson (preservationist/architectural historian; TuSA advisor and faculty), Heather Veneziano (New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries)

URBANbuild 17 | 1pm - 5pm | In-Person & Virtual | The Commons, Room 337, Tulane University, and YouTube Channel 5.

  • Faculty: Byron Mouton, Sara Allen Harper
  • Guest Reviewer: Todd Erlandson (March Studio; TuSA M.Arch '87), Nick Marshall (Chase Marshall Architects)

Offcuts & Castoffs | 1pm - 5pm | In-Person |NQ1, Architecture Pavilions, Tulane University

  • Faculty: Adam Modesitt
  • Guest Reviewers: Charles Jones (TuSA faculty and M.S.ARC *21), Judith Kinnard (TuSA), Andrew Liles (TuSA faculty and M.Arch '10), Graham Owen (TuSA), Cordula Roser Gray (TuSA), Benjamin J. Smith (TuSA), Kentaro Tsubaki (TuSA)

Big Questions, Small Projects: Sugar Roots Farm Design-Build | 10am - 1pm (reception to follow) | In-Person | Sugar Roots Farm, 10701 Willow Drive, Lower Algiers

  • Faculty: Emilie Taylor Welty, José Cotto
  • Guest Reviewers: Pam Broom (FARMacia); Brooke Bullock (Sugar Roots Farm), Nick Jenisch (TuSA faculty and M.Arch '03), Casius Pealer (TuSA faculty and M.Arch '96), Ann Yoachim (TuSA)

The Future of Ports | 1pm - 5pm | Virtual | YouTube Channel 2

  • Faculty: Margarita Jover

Addis Ababa River Project | 12pm - 6pm | Virtual | YouTube Channel 3

  • Faculty: Rubén García Rubio
  • Guest Reviewers: Ephrem Gebremariam (Addis Ababa University); Graham Owen (TuSA); Alona Martinez Perez (De Montfort University); David Rifkind (University of Florida); Kentaro Tsubaki (TuSA)

For questions, contact the school's main email at architecture@tulane.edu or call 504-865-5389.