Minor in Preservation Studies

The Minor in Preservation Studies is offered within the Preservation Studies program of the Tulane School of Architecture. Established in 1997, the Preservation Studies program teaches proven methods of architectural heritage protection practice via documentation, research, and solutions-oriented planning for a range of built heritage types in need of restoration, rehabilitation, or conservation. Preservation Studies students meet experts in the field and often work with organizations engaged in historic preservation projects and advocacy. All courses require a degree of fieldwork that may include regional site visits.

Students in the undergraduate Minor in Preservation Studies program learn the fundamentals of historic preservation practice through courses in historic preservation theory and practice, preservation technology, and architectural history.

The Minor in Preservation Studies requires a minimum of four courses totaling 12 credits. PRST 6710 Introduction to Preservation must be among the first taken. Click here to view the Curriculum Sheet.

The Minor in Preservation Studies is open to undergraduates at the junior level and above. Interested students should apply to the Director of the Preservation Studies for admittance. Students attaining grades above a 3.0 in two or more PRST courses may receive advanced standing in the graduate level Master of Preservation Studies program on separate application and acceptance to the Masters program.