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AIAS hosts Gould Evans Firm Presentation: Bringing the “Firm Crawl” to you

Robert Riccardi, AIA and Trudi Hummel, AIA presented current and past projects from their diverse group of works among their nationwide firm. The presentation was held at The School of Architecture and was open to all students, faculty, and staff as a take on the annual “firm crawl” event.

Final ABI for 2012 Caps Strongest Year Since 2007

Dear Students,

Although I have placed myself on a serious email diet (reducing as much as possible the mass emails I am sending), this is important enough to share with all of you. It is very encouraging, and it should energize many of you as you begin to position yourselves for summer jobs or jobs upon graduation. Please take advantage of the fact that we have an excellent Career Services person working exclusively with TSA students - in addition to the tremendous resources available through the central Tulane Career Office.

The ABI is a metric for projecting growth in construction based on monthly AIA surveys of architecture firms around the country. Essentially, the AIA asks a large sample of architecture firms whether their billings have increased or decreased over the past month, and that’s a rough leading indicator of whether more or fewer construction projects will break ground in approximately 9-12 months. AIA released the final survey for 2012 today, and shows that 2012 was the strongest year in the past five years—meaning that the job market for architecture and development graduates is getting better as well. More details of specific sectors/regions and the AIA’s analysis is at the link below. In addition to being interesting reading (marginally perhaps), knowing these kinds of data and trends can be good fodder for discussions in job interviews, showing knowledge of the current market and not just academic information. These data are very solid.

Good luck and best wishes to all of you,

Kenneth Schwartz, FAIA
Favrot Professor and Dean
Tulane School of Architecture
(504) 314-2361