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The New Orleans Preservation Timeline project brings to life the history of architectural preservation of one of world’s most famous historic cities. The rich array of heritage protection initiatives in New Orleans, Louisiana since the mid-nineteenth century have left a legacy from which others can learn.

The New Orleans Preservation Timeline project offers a Web-based informational resource for those interested in the achievements of architectural preservationists working in one of America’s most well preserved historic cities. Its over 100 illustrated informational entries are sorted by epoch, theme, and the individuals or organizations behind them. Most are geo-referenced. The project was undertaken in two phases between April 2014 and June 2015 by the Master of Preservation Studies program within the Tulane School of Architecture. 


The New Orleans Preservation Timeline project was conceived in June 2012 by Tulane University Master of Preservation Studies professors John H. Stubbs and Danielle Del Sol with the encouragement of retired professor and program advisor Ann Masson. Each entry was carefully edited and enhanced through the diligent work of project editor Gabrielle Begue.

J. Stubbs, D. Del Sol, A. Masson and G. Begue, preservation consultant and principal, Clio Associates LLC, along with Mary Louise Christovich, John H. Lawrence of The Historic New Orleans Collection, devised the list of cross-linked entries now available on the site. Collectively they represent an initial listing of the most notable events, people, organizations, and places in the history of New Orleans’s preservation movement. No living people have been included as individual entries although numerous current initiatives and participants in the field are referenced.

Students in Professor Stubbs’s Fall 2013 and Fall 2014 Introduction to Preservation course in the MPS program drafted entries for inclusion on the Timeline project website. These entries were edited and enhanced by G. Begue, and paired with relevant images. Beth Jacob with Clio Associates also worked on several entries, and additional research came via MPS student Yvette Tyler in Fall 2013 in satisfaction of a Practicum course under the guidance of Professor Eugene D. Cizek. Fact-checking of entries was led by Ann Masson with input from others.

MPS students who contributed to the pool of entries comprising the New Orleans Preservation Timeline project include: T. Andrzejewski, E. Bethany, M. Brenner, S. Brisita, C. Buschman, Z. Campana, C. Carlo, M. Cerick, C. Cody, C. Collins, P. Jane Eden, C. Ellis, A. Ferguson, M. Ferster, N. Field, K. Graham, E. Guerra, S. Hendry, R. Howard, W. Jordan, L. Katz, A. Keith, K. Kenwright, H. Little, N. Lott, J. Makkos, N. Marx, M. Massey, K. Morgan, M. Norton, A. Pernas, A. Rogut, J. Rupley, S. Savchenko, K. Schuff, C. Sheehan, E. Shultz, C. Stabler, F. Steffen, L. Stokley, P. Stutts, B. Tesler, H. Tischler, H. Veneziano, E. Ware, and S. Williams.

Special thanks to the institutions that provided images for this project:

The Historic New Orleans Collection
Preservation Resource Center
Historic District Landmarks Commission
Southeastern Architectural Archive, Tulane University
Louisiana Research Collection, Tulane University
Hogan Jazz Archive, Tulane University
University Archives, Tulane University
Louisiana Division/City Archives, New Orleans Public Library
Clio Associates LLC
Anthony DelRosario
Lisa Conrad Photography 
– and others.

The project’s database was custom designed by Ian Ayers in Charlottesville, Virginia. Initial entries and images were posted by MPS student Erin Guerra and current content management is provided by Joseph Makkos.

The New Orleans Preservation Timeline project was created thanks to generous funding from Dean Kenneth Schwartz, Tulane School of Architecture; Ann Masson; and the U.S. National Park Service and the Louisiana State Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.