Headshot of Versé Shom



Versé Shom

Professor of Practice – SISE 

Versé Shom is a social impact professional with over 13 years of multidisciplinary experience across economic policy, higher education, consulting, and international development sectors. His primary interest revolves around education, inequality, community resilience, livelihoods, economic growth, and sustainable cities. He is curious about interdisciplinary collaboration to reimagine urban systems and innovation in the built environment for inclusive growth.

Versé is a Director and Partner at Sabi Training and Consulting and has previously held positions in monetary policy, teaching, and program management at the Central Bank of Nigeria, American University of Nigeria, and Fundación Paraguaya. Since 2016, he has supported multiple organizations and projects in 9 countries and worked with diverse multicultural teams.  

Versé holds a Master's degree (2016) in International Development from Payson Program in Global Development from Tulane University.