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Headshot of Nicholas LiCausi



Nick LiCausi

Director of Fabrication

Nicholas LiCausi is fascinated by emerging technologies and the possibilities for using them to push the boundaries of architecture and design. LiCausi received a Bachelor of Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he studied motion graphics, computational design, and digital fabrication alongside architecture. Before joining the Tulane School of Architecture as the Director of Fabrication, he worked in professional practice in New York City, where he specialized in 3D printing, virtual reality, and other digital technologies. At TuSA, he oversees and coordinates the operations of the Digital Output lab, 3D Print Lab, and Millhaus, the CNC Lab. He also teaches Career Explorations in Architecture and various workshops on digital tools, animation, and fabrication. Occasionally, you can catch him off-campus flying TuSA’s drone for the design-build programs and studio courses. When he’s not at work, Nick loves to hang out with his family, friends, and his cat Enzo, collaborate with local artists and designers, and ride bikes around New Orleans!