Photo of Faculty - Meghan Saas School of Architecture



Bachelor of Arts in Painting & Drawing, Providence College

Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Louisiana State University A&M

Meghan Saas

Professor of Practice in Design

Design Program Associate Director

Meghan Saas is an educator, graphic designer, and book artist. Interdisciplinarity is centered in all of these endeavors, as Saas views creative collaboration as an opportunity to learn new things and think in new ways. 

Her portfolio includes both print and digital work, spanning a broad range of projects from publication design to icon system design to comprehensive marketing campaigns. 

A passion for typography and the physicality of letterforms led Saas to work with letterpress and handmade book arts. Her artwork and personal design work focuses on healthcare equity and reproductive justice. Some of this work has been included in public exhibitions, both juried and invitational, in Louisiana and throughout the United States. Saas believes that graphic design is a powerful tool not just for communication, but also for education and empowerment—and she is determined to use her powers for good! 

Saas' teaching philosophy derives from the Harkness method of student-centered and discussion-based learning. She is passionate about equity and inclusivity in the classroom, and designs classroom practices and assignment structures in order to craft a creative learning environment that empowers all students. She researches augmented reality (AR) and its affordances for accessibility, creativity, and pedagogy.

Saas holds a Bachelor of Arts in Painting & Drawing from Providence College and a Masters of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Louisiana State University. She has worked as an in-house designer, and has also done freelance and pro bono design. She is also an Adobe Education Leader, working with other educators around the globe to innovate around the use of technology in the classroom.