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Matthew Perrenod

Adjunct Assistant Professor - Sustainable Real Estate Development

Matthew Perrenod is the principal owner of Mission Enterprise Strategies (MES), a business consultancy to high-capacity nonprofit organizations engaged in affordable housing and community development.

Perrenod specializes in strategic growth, including the planning and evaluation of new business lines, as well as the examination and reorientation of existing businesses in new contexts.

Prior to founding MES in 2015, Perrenod served in several capacities at the Housing Partnership Network (HPN), beginning in 2000. His work as Chief Lending Officer, and then as Chief Innovation Officer provided the opportunity for an in-depth examination of successful nonprofit housing organizations working at scale, and both their successes and challenges. Following the mortgage credit and foreclosure crisis of 2008, he led HPN’s practice in the area, working with approximately 30 HPN members focusing on the challenges of single-family development and finance.

Working with the strong HPN membership, he helped establish several new cooperative business lines that contributed to the mission and economic goals of these organizations, and of HPN itself, including the National Community Stabilization Trust and the ReClaim Project, both focused on the recovery of distressed single-family assets. He was also instrumental in the founding of Develop Detroit and its predecessor model, the Gulf Coast Housing Partnership, to provide needed mission-driven real estate development and management capacity in highly distressed communities.

Perrenod has overseen the development of more than 2000 affordable homes nationwide, including both rental and homes for sale, and the financing of nearly 15,000 others. He contributed several titles to Enterprise Communities’ Community Development Library series. He is a 1978 graduate of the University of Chicago, where he earned Special Honors.