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Laura Blokker

Lecturer - Preservation Studies

Laura Ewen Blokker has been working in the field of historic preservation since 1998.  Her professional experience includes employment in both the for-profit and the non-profit sectors in the positions of Architectural Staff, Conservation Assistant, and Preservation Manager.  Since 2007, she has owned and operated her own architectural conservation and historic preservation consulting firm, specializing in the research and assessment of historic buildings and sites throughout the southeastern United States.  Her work includes investigation of physical characteristics and material properties as well as history and contextual significance.

Blokker's research and teaching interests include: Underrepresented Communities, Vernacular Architecture, Rural Places, Cultural Equity.

Laura Blokker's independent research of the Louisiana construction technique of bousillage has been published in the professional journals ARRIS and Construction History and in 2009 earned the support of a Fitch Mid-Career grant from the James Marston Fitch Foundation for a collaborative study project on the topic.  She holds a Master of Preservation Studies from the Tulane University School of Architecture and a B.A. in Creative Writing with an individually designed minor in Architecture from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Currently, Laura is teaching History of American Architecture, Economics and Practice of Preservation, and the Architecture of Place.