Digital landscape-oriented poster titled "Metropolis Future100" in the middle and abstract shapes on the left and right sides of the poster

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Metropolis Future100 recognizes three students from Tulane School of Architecture

Tulane School of Architecture students Brianna Baldwin, Andreea Dan, and Ethan Lewis have been named among the top graduating architecture students in the U.S. and Canada by Metropolis magazine.

The Metropolis Future100 program invites the most talented students from the class of 2023 to apply, and Tulane School of Architecture is proud to have three of our students recognized for their exceptional work. These 50 interior design and 50 architecture students were chosen by the Metropolis team and hail from some of the best schools in North America.

"This year’s honorees are part of an impressive group of rising leaders that are defining and reimagining the practice of architecture and interior design," Kelly Kriwko, Metropolis magazine's Marketing and Events Manager. "The Metropolis team was blown away by the Future100 class of 2023 and we feel that they represent a bright future for our industry — one of beautiful, thoughtful, innovative, sustainable, and inclusive design."

Brianna (M.Arch *23), nominated by Rubén García Rubio, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Architecture & Urbanism, impressed the judges with her excellent proposal for a mass timber office building.

"She produced an excellent proposal for a mass timber office building while tackling the challenges of the integrated building systems studio," said Rubén. "Her extraordinary attention to detail conveyed and maintained the core design concepts through the final proposal. She challenged herself through material investigation of structure and building envelope while showcasing a thoughtful comprehension of the construction details."

Andreea (B.Arch '23), nominated by Dean Iñaki Alday, earned her nomination with her understanding of architecture as a technical object.

"Andreea understands architecture as a technical object, with precise development of the materiality and structure as means of architectural expression," said Dean Alday.

Ethan (B.Arch & BSRE '23), nominated by Juan Medina Revilla, Adjunct Lecturer in Architecture, caught the attention of the judges with his ability to deliver quality projects and weave a compelling narrative.

"Ethan’s ability to deliver quality projects and weave a compelling narrative has impressed me," said Juan. "He presents his projects professionally while not being afraid to challenge the brief and deploy unconventional design strategies."

Visit the Metropolis Future100 website to learn more about this program and see the full list of selected students. Scroll below to see more work from each selected Tulane School of Architecture student.


Brianna Baldwin

Digital interior perspective rendering of two open floors with tall ceilings and floor to ceiling windows
Headshot of Brianna Baldwin

Click here to see Brianna Baldwin's portfolio submission.

Andreea Dan

Exterior perspective digital drawing of corner of a five-story building with floor-to-ceiling windows, a rooftop garden, and the second floor extending out above the sidewalk below.
Headshot of Andreea Dan

Click here to see Andreea Dan's portfolio submission.

Ethan Lewis

Aerial digital axonometric drawing of a urban city block that is developed into three linear, multi-level buildings with rooftop gardens and courtyard between the three structures.
Headshot of Ethan Lewis

Click here to see Ethan Lewis's portfolio submission.