Best of Architecture New Orleans 2019 features alumni, board member, former faculty

Top down shot looking down modern staircase

Several alumni and friends of the Tulane School of Architecture are prominently featured in the 2019 listing "Best of Architecture" by New Orleans Magazine.

As John Klingman, the author of the piece and Professor Emeritus of Architecture at Tulane, writes: "This year’s outstanding projects are quite diverse; they are all different in terms of use, building type and neighborhood. Perhaps this is indicative of the strength and vision at work in New Orleans architecture today. What all of the featured projects have in common is the evidence of great design energy combined with demonstrated professional competence in the service of the people and institutions of our city."

The affiliated architects and designers include:

  • Trapolin-Peer Architects: Peter Trapolin (A'77); Ashley King (A'98); Shea Trahan (A'13)
  • Lee Ledbetter & Associates: Lee Ledbetter (former adjunct faculty)
  • Manning Architects: Dominic Willard (A'03); Michelle Carroll-Barr (A'14)
  • studioWTA: Wayne Troyer (A'83); Natan Diacon-Furtado (A'14); Daniel Kautz (A'09); Ross Karsen (A'06)
  • Gould Evans Architects: Robert Riccardi (A'91 and Board of Advisors); Curtis Laub (A'06); Jenny Renn Key (A'15); Brian Webber (A'15); Elaine Damico (A'18)

To read the full story a see pictures of the projects, click here.