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Students can get a jumpstart with Summer 2020 Courses. Offerings include design, architecture, photography, drawing, making, design thinking, historic preservation, real estate, and social innovation and social entrepreneurship. View the Tulane School of Architecture Summer 2020 Course Offerings.

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Explore New Orleans mid-century modern architecture at upcoming events

By Susan Langenhennig,

The Preservation Resource Center, the New Orleans Architecture Foundation and Docomomo US/Louisiana are teaming up to host events exploring the sharp angles, flat roofs, soaring glass walls and other hallmarks of mid-century modern architecture in New Orleans. The series kicks off May 25 with a reception at the home of architect Albert Ledner, who pioneered regional modernist design in New Orleans. Tickets are $35 at

Then, on June 8, Tulane University architecture professor John P. Klingman will present an overview of the Crescent City's own mid-century modern style. The talk will be held from 6-7 p.m., Mid City Library, 4140 Canal St.

On July 6, architects Lee Ledbetter, Paula Peer, Albert Ledner and archivist Francine J. Stock will participate in a panel discussion led by architect Wayne Troyer. The group will discuss mid-mod design, history and building use. The event will be held from 6-7:30 p.m. at the New Orleans Main Library, 219 Loyola Ave.


You can view and download the new edition of recent student work in the reVIEW, edited by Favrot Associate Professor Wendy Redfield.

Download Here


"Big Class" Project Update

Hello All, 

This semester our Small Center design build team is working on a Writer's Room, for the youth writing program Big Class, in a local elementary school. After an intensive round of research, interviews, prototyping, design iterations and presentations, and budgeting our team has kicked off construction! 

The design build team is working over the next 7 weeks to fabricate and install the design. We will let you know when the project celebration is scheduled so you can visit the work and chat with our student design team. 

Attached is a project update, and below a list of our design team! 

Big Class Project Update

Abdulrahman Alharbi
Paula Bechara
Camille Bernsten
Dia Biagioni
Joseph D'Arco
X Daminos
Andrew Glassman
Paul Holmes
Arielle Scher
Annika Schneider
Stephanie Sirhal
Sami Tobin
Kairui Zhang

URBANbuild 12 Progress Report

Hello TSA community, Please see our attached progress report. The URBANbuild 12 team has been hard at work, and progress has been fantastic. We have 4 weeks to go. Wish the students luck, and feel free to pay a visit to 1924 Toledano. We will organize an open house after reviews, be on the lookout for an invite.

URBANbuild 12 Progress Report

Byron Mouton, AIA


This year’s projects reflect a particularly broad group of building types, including several with unique programs. While an interesting set of uses doesn’t necessarily equate with good design, it’s exciting to see a conjunction of both.


Faculty, Alumni and Board of Advisors mentioned in article:

Robert C. Baddour  TSA '10
Jerry J. Blanchard   TSA ‘06  
Thomas M. Brown  TSA '80
David C. W. Curtis  TSA '82
David R. Demsey  TSA '07
Alyce C. Deshotels  TSA '14
Rebecca X. Fitzgerald  TSA '17
Lauren E. Hickman  TSA '06
Wendy Weatherall Kerrigan  TSA '03
Peter J. Kilgust  TSA '10
Kristian O. J. Mizes  TSA '10
Byron J. Mouton  TSA '89
Christian E. Rodriguez  TSA '10
Steven B. Scollo  TSA '97
Charles D. Sterkx  TSA '88
Seth R. Welty  TSA '08
Will Rosenthal TSA '11
Sarah Saterlee TSA '14
Tom Holloman (fac)
Mac Ball  (BOA)
Z Smith (fac)





John Klingman to lead a 6 Day "Architectural Adventures" tour in New Orleans

Discover the magnificent architecture and rich cultural heritage of New Orleans on an exclusive, five day tour with Architectural Adventures. From the famous Creole Townhouses and Cottages in the French Quarter and the spectacular homes in the Garden District to post-Katrina sustainable neighborhoods and some of the most important contemporary structures in the city, experience the myriad of architectural gems of the Crescent City. Join our Architectural Adventures expert on this exclusive exploration of the past, present, and future of New Orleans.

More info at


Students explore the social impact of artificial intelligence

New Wave Article 
Mary Cross

Artificial intelligence is at most people’s fingertips everyday. But we may not understand its implications and complexities.

“When you speak to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa to retrieve info, or use Facebook, you’re actually engaging with artificial intelligence,” said Shawn Rickenbacker, a Taylor Senior Fellow at the Phyllis Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking and Favrot Visiting Chair in the Tulane School of Architecture

Artificial intelligence (AI) is technology that simulates human cognitive functions for problem-solving, according to Rickenbacker. 

“We’re engaging new technologies as an increasingly important complement to design thinking when innovating to solve complex problems.”

— Shawn Rickenbacker, Taylor Senior Fellow and Favrot Visiting Chair

He is teaching a course — Humans + Machines: The Future Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence — this semester to explore the complexities of human interaction with artificial intelligence. It is a Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (SISE) course.

Rickenbacker’s goal is to “introduce a new line of systems thinking across building and environmental issues.” 

He’s collaborating with associate professors of computer science Brent Venable and Carola Wenk to bring awareness to how various AI models learn and operate. Students are encouraged to identify emerging trends in AI. 

“The class examines real-world AI models such as targeted Facebook ads,” said Rickenbacker. Students also study associated data decision trees to understand algorithms methodology.

The class takes a cross-disciplinary approach. “We’re engaging in technological issues and using design thinking to tackle problems,” he said. “Diverse academic backgrounds such as economics, health sciences, psychology and architecture all contribute to the process.” 

Working in teams, students examine case studies and conduct real-time testing to investigate how AI can be designed to avoid unintended consequences and harmful bias and further enhance equity and fairness. 

Rickenbacker is an architect and creative technologist, whose work has been featured in The New York TimesCNN International and Global Architecture. He is co-founder of Urban Data + Design, a research and design consultancy that focuses on the convergence and impacts of digital information on physical space. 

Rickenbacker also is teaching an upper-level and graduate design studio course in which students use data to create urban systems and architecture to address air pollution and climate change in New York City. 

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Annie Peyton, TSA 11, awarded prestigious Luce Scholarship

New Wave Article
Carolyn Scofield

Annie Peyton, a 2011 graduate of Tulane University, won a prestigious Luce Scholarship for 2016-2017. Peyton, who graduated with scholarly honors from Tulane’s School of Architecture, is currently in Thailand where she is working with a small landscape architecture and urban design firm.

Peyton spent two months in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand going through a language immersion program. She then moved to Bangkok to work with LandProcess, a firm that designs landscape projects focused on the public realm. She also helped teach an undergraduate landscape architecture studio class at a university in Bangkok during the fall semester.

Before the Luce program, Peyton spent a year in Rwanda as a Global Health Corps fellow.

“This international experience has been valuable to me as both a designer and a person. University classes were really just the beginning of my education,” Peyton says.

The Luce Scholars program was launched by the Henry Luce Foundation in 1974 to enhance the understanding of Asia among potential leaders in a variety of fields. Applicants require institutional endorsement and only 15-18 Scholars are placed each year. The program provides stipends, language training and individualized professional placement in Asia. It’s unique among American-Asian exchanges in that it is intended for young leaders who have had limited experience of Asia and who might not otherwise have an opportunity in the normal course of their careers to come to know the continent.

Small Center Awarded 2017 Excellence in Historic Preservation

The Louisiana Landmarks Society honored Small Center with the 2017 Excellence in Historic Preservation Award for their work on Façade RENEW. Façade ReNEW is a grant program for restoring historic commercial corridors. Small Center partnered with Beth Jacobs and Gabrielle Begue of Clio Associates and Melissa Lee of New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to develop the program’s 2-year pilot and to offer 30 hours of technical assistance for applicants to the program. The awards ceremony and reception will take place on Wednesday, April 12 at 5:30 pm at Ace Hotel in Barnett Hall at 600 Carondelet St., New Orleans, LA 70130. 2017

Awards for Excellence in Historic Preservation

2017 APX Workshop

Alpha Rho Chi is excited to announce this year’s workshop with Ben Smith and Yasushi Ishida.  Yasushi is a professor at Woodbury University in Los Angeles where he has done extensive research on casting techniques and materials as shown here (  During the workshop he will share his knowledge and expertise in innovative casting techniques including origami and vacuum forming.   The resultant of the event will be a panelized system that will be on display at Zeitgeist Gallery on OC Haley.  The event begins with a lecture on March 17 followed by workshops on the March 18 and 19 and costs 20 dollars.  Signups will be in the lobby from 12-1, the next two weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next two weeks.


David Maples
Tulane University
APX Hadrian President