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Structural Systems
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"Technology is far more than a method. It is a world in itself.
As a method it is superior in almost every respect. But
only where it is left to itself, as in gigantic structures of
engineering, there technology reveals its true nature.
There it is evident that it is not only a useful means but
that it is something that has a meaning and a powerful
form -so powerful in fact, that it is not easy to name it.
Where technology reaches its real fulfillment it transcends
into architecture."
Mies van der Rohe, From IIT address, 1950

"It is radical and conservative at once. It is radical in accepting
the scientific and technological driving and sustaining
forces of our time. It has a scientific character, but it is
not science. It uses technological means but it is not technology.
It is conservative as it is not only concerned with a
purpose but also with a meaning, as it is not only concerned
with a function but also with an expression. It is
conservative as it is based on the eternal laws of architecture:
Order, Space, Proportion."
Mies van der Rohe, From essay on the IIT curriculum

Two contrasting remarks made by Mies van der Rohe suggest the complex role of technology in architecture. The recent technological obsession in the field is fueled by the proliferation of sophisticated and inexpensive structural, environmental and visual computer simulations. It reignited the interest in building performance, primarily as a means to justify ever more complex forms. However, without a critical understanding of the role technology plays in the design process, it will become a superficial nod to the old functionalist thinking of predicting the predictable. The intention of this course is to impart students with an innate understanding of relationships between parameters of structural framing systems and their impact on design decisions. The primary objective is to provide a sound conceptual understating and vocabulary necessary for future architects to lead the engineers and contractors with confidence.


Old Course Numbers: ATCS 4010/6140

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Technological Systems