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Case Studies in Sustainable Real Estate Development
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The objective of this course is to build students’ multi‐disciplinary understanding of the design and implementation of real estate development projects. The course methodology pairs case studies with the experience and expertise of New Orleans and national practitioners. Cases are structured thematically around development, financing and neighborhood typology topics to give students the opportunity to deploy the skills being developed in other MSRED coursework to a range of contexts and real estate development and operational issues. Course assignments will focus on practicing the hard and soft skills required for successful real estate development. In addition, the course will emphasize giving students the opportunity to build a professional network through the local and national speakers who will come to class and engage in a range of real estate topics. Through this diverse content, the instructors seek to place real estate production within a broader community development agenda for residents of neighborhoods and cities, and will regularly reflect on the core concepts of the sustainability of buildings and places, the impact of (re)investment on people, and the various partnerships required to realize intended outcomes. Old Course Number: SRED 6410
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Real Estate Development - Graduate