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Preservation Practicum
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The Practicum for the Master of Preservation Studies program is an alternative option to the Thesis requirement that is an important part of the MPS course of study.  The Practicum is expected to be a concentrated and valuable work experience the student chooses that must relate to the field of historic preservation. Its accomplishment must entail 480 hours (three months, full-time) unpaid or minimally paid work with an organization. There is wide scope with regard to the possible organizations and locations for students to pursue their practicum experience.

Organization of the Practicum experience is the student’s responsibility and must be done in cooperation with the Program Director and the organization that invites your participation. A summary description of your Practicum including its title, a précis of the work’s scope and aims, a production schedule, and the names of your MPS faculty and/or your outside advisor(s) is due by 15 August (or 5 January if graduating in May) and should be refined and developed through the second week in September (or the third week in January respectively). A general MPS faculty review will be made of each Practicum (and Thesis) in progress during the third week in September, or the first week in February depending on which semester the student is registered for the course.

A summary description of your Practicum’s intentions and responsibilities, an anticipated schedule, and the names of both your on-site supervisors and your advisors is due prior the beginning of the third week in the semester in which you are registered for this course. Both a letter of commitment and a letter of satisfactory completion of your practicum are required from the sponsoring organization. 

The submission date of the final draft of your Practicum Report is on or before November 10 for the Fall semester and March 22 for the spring semester. The deadline for submission of the final faculty and advisor printable copy of the Practicum Report is on or before December 1 in order to graduate in December and is April 20 for those graduating in May.  Your Practicum Report should be a minimum of 50 pages long and should describe your accomplishments in the context of the contemporary preservation practice. One quarter of your Practicum Report should be devoted to how your experience reflected practical work beyond the walls of the University.

You may have more than one MPS faculty member, in addition to the Director of the MPS Program, as your Practicum advisor. The MPS faculty and advisor(s) expect to be in regular communication with the student on his or her work in the Practicum environment in order to understand your progress and offer advice.

Students choosing the Practicum option may do so typically in the fall of the second year, only after completion of the first year’s course of study. If for a very good reason, such as a documented medical emergency, the student cannot complete the Practicum in one semester, special arrangements may be requested of the Director of the MPS program and the Senior Program Coordinator for a maximum of one additional semester .

Patrice Maddox, TSA Senior Program Coordinator at pmaddox@tulane.edu, tel. 504 314 2363.






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Preservation Studies