Close up of a hydrological model on a students desk with the students hands and arms in the frame, along with the students' computer keyboard.


Landscape + Engineering

At Tulane, we see the need and opportunity for a new kind of professional, Landscape Architect and Engineer.

There is a need for a new kind of professional prepared to tackle the inevitable changes to coastal communities, urbanized rivers and vulnerable places that necessitate different patterns of co-habitation between nature and people.

The Landscape Architecture and Engineering program equips students to tackle these issues through education in three critical areas of knowledge: urban design and landscape, ecology and evolutionary biology sciences, and river and coastal science and engineering.

This interdisciplinary knowledge allows graduates to collaborate with different specialists while keeping the strengths of a comprehensive design education.

The Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Science in River-Coastal Science and Engineering (MLAN-MS RCSE) creates a new pathway for students interested in pursuing a career in landscape architecture and engineering, informed by both urban and architectural design and science and engineering.


Headshot of Margarita Jover

Margarita Jover

Landscape + Engineering Program Co-Director, Professor of Architecture

Headshot of Ehab Meselhe.

Ehab Meselhe

Landscape + Engineering Program Co-Director, Professor of Engineering