Preservation Battles

Formosan Termites

Since the 1940s, Formosan termites have caused millions of dollars in damage to New Orleans’ historic buildings.

The “Big Four” Public Housing Projects Are Demolished Post-Katrina

After Hurricane Katrina, most of the city’s public housing projects were demolished despite protests from residents and the preservation community.

Preservationists Fight Demolitions along St. Charles Avenue

The demolitions of several historic residences along St. Charles Avenue catalyzed a move to have the area protected as one of the city’s first local historic districts.

Site Clearing in Mid-City Begins for New Hospital Sites

Twenty-seven Mid-City blocks were cleared to make way for new medical center complexes, obliterating over a hundred historic buildings and scattering a recently rebuilt community.

Preservationists Try to Save Historic Fort St. John

Built in 1808, historic Fort St. John remains in severe disrepair despite a years-long preservation campaign led by Margaret “Sunny” Schiro.

Coliseum Square and the Demolition of the Camp Street Up-Ramp

Historic Coliseum Square and the surrounding Lower Garden District neighborhood were heavily threatened by bridge approaches that were ultimately demolished or defeated thanks to preservationists’ ceaseless efforts. 

The Survival of Faubourg Tremé

Faubourg Tremé, one of New Orleans’ oldest neighborhoods and a touchstone of local African American culture, continues to thrive despite numerous large-scale demolitions in the name of progress. 

The Campaign to Save the Cabildo and Presbytère

In one of the city’s first preservation battles, citizens defeated a proposal to demolish two of New Orleans’ beloved historic landmarks.

The Riverfront Expressway Is Defeated

An organized preservation effort led to the 1969 defeat of a six-lane elevated riverfront expressway proposed for the Vieux Carré.

The Destruction of the Rivergate

The battle to save the Rivergate, an irreplaceable landmark of design and engineering, was one of the first efforts to preserve a mid-century modern building in New Orleans. 


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