Klingman Option Studio Fall 2017 studies urban water Issues in relation to new design for New Orleans Congo Square/Armstrong Park

David Armentor

Jan 19, 2018This semester’s studio extends the series considering water infrastructure and architecture; and its locus is a site of primary historic importance, centered on Congo Square/Louis Armstrong Park. The square, one of the most important in the city, was subsumed within Armstrong Park in the late nineteen sixties. Eight blocks of Treme’s historic building fabric were demolished, diminishing the character and the population of the neighborhood. The Park is widely acknowledged to be an urban failure, and the studio has undertaken its complete redesign. The goal is to design viable public space with particular attention to water as an element. Congo Square will again be identifiable as a figural space, as it was for most of its history. Buildings incorporating urban housing and mixed uses compatible with a twenty-first century sustainable vision of New Orleans are proposed for on this important site directly adjacent to the Vieux Carre.
John Klingman
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