Danielle Del Sol appointed to Central Business District Historic District Landmarks Commission

Danielle Del Sol


Aug 1, 2017

Master of Preservation Studies Adjunct Lecturer Danielle Del Sol was recently appointed to the Central Business District Historic District Landmarks Commission.

One of nine commissioners, Del Sol will work with the Historic District Landmarks Commission to, “Safeguard the heritage of the City by preserving and regulating historic landmarks and historic districts,” (HDLC website). The HDLC strengthens the city’s economic base, fosters economic development and encourages growth by protecting and enhancing neighborhoods.

Del Sol is an alumna of the Preservation Studies program, earning a Master of Preservation Studies in 2011. She is also editor of Preservation in Print, the monthly magazine of the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans.

MPS - Master in Preservation Studies
Danielle Del Sol
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