Alumni and Board of Advisors members Marcel Wisznia AIA '73, architect and developer, and Simcha Ward AIA '11, project manager, announce proposed co-living development on the corner of St. Charles and St. Joseph in New Orleans

David Armentor

May 17, 2017

New Orleans 'co-living' for service industry proposed for $35M downtown building

By Katherine Sayre,


Middle-income renters who have been shut out of luxury housing in downtown New Orleans could have a new option to move into the neighborhood -- if they're willing to give up some private living space.

New Orleans-based Wisznia Architecture and Development is proposing a $35 million, 233-suite "co-living" apartment building at the corner of St. Charles Avenue and St. Joseph Street in the Warehouse District. Renters would live in private suites with their own bathrooms and share living areas and kitchens. Most of the units are collected as four suites to one common space. 

Marcel Wisznia, the company's founder and a pioneer in downtown residentialdevelopment, said when the idea was being conceived, they thought of the apartments as "culinary lofts" similar to the artist lofts that support artists in the community.

"We want to make our focus the service industry, the restaurant industry and the hotel industry," Wisznia said. "Those workers are really being displaced and pushed further and further out of the center of our town and having to commute further and further to go to work. We think we have found a way for them to live downtown and ultimately bicycle or walk to work."

The project is called "Two Saints" for its location at the intersection of St. Joseph and St. Charles. The idea of co-living means affordability -- bringing rents within reach of middle-income renters -- and creating a more sociable living environment that's designed to have neighbors interact on a regular basis... Full Article here.


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