2017 APX Workshop

David Armentor

Mar 6, 2017

Alpha Rho Chi is excited to announce this year’s workshop with Ben Smith and Yasushi Ishida.  Yasushi is a professor at Woodbury University in Los Angeles where he has done extensive research on casting techniques and materials as shown here (https://vimeo.com/178518284).  During the workshop he will share his knowledge and expertise in innovative casting techniques including origami and vacuum forming.   The resultant of the event will be a panelized system that will be on display at Zeitgeist Gallery on OC Haley.  The event begins with a lecture on March 17 followed by workshops on the March 18 and 19 and costs 20 dollars.  Signups will be in the lobby from 12-1, the next two weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next two weeks.


David Maples
Tulane University
APX Hadrian President

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Benjamin Smith
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