Master of Preservation Studies featured in Brain Gain Top 5 Postgraduate Courses in Heritage Conservation

David Armentor

Nov 29, 2016

5 Best Postgraduate Courses in Heritage Conservation

BrainGain magazine brings you 5 universities which offer great postgraduate courses in heritage conservation. 


Think about the Taj Mahal in India, the Angkor Vat in Cambodia or the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. These structures have lasting aesthetic, historical, cultural and economic value. They are symbols of our cultural and religious identities, centers of tourism, and revenue drivers. The preservation of such structures and artifacts is, therefore, an important occupation.

Widespread realization of the importance of preserving tangible cultural heritage has made heritage conservation a popular and rewarding field of study. BrainGain magazine brings you a list of 5 of the best postgraduate courses in heritage conservation from universities across the world. Full article here


Tulane University, US

The university’s Tulane School of Architecture offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Preservation Studies.

The Master of Preservation Studies has four main themes of learning – preservation and planning, technology, theory or law, and architectural history. However, the program focuses on urban preservation within the rich historical context of New Orleans.

The course takes an interdisciplinary approach with modules like building preservation, history of North American architecture, international practice and the economics and business of preservation.

The Masters degree is delivered over three semesters (1.5 years) and costs approximately 32000 USD per year.

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MPS - Master in Preservation Studies
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