Jenga Mwendo MSRED '16 featured in Garden and Gun

Aug 18, 2016

Meet the planters, designers, preservationists, and community leaders nurturing the landscape of the South

Helping Hand
Jenga Mwendo

...Some things even hurricanes and broken levees can’t wash away. When Jenga Mwendo left her job in computer animation in New York to return to her home in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward two years after Katrina, she found a community still floundering in the flood’s aftermath. Helping from literally the roots up, she organized green-thumbed neighbors into the Backyard Gardeners Network and established community gardens that today sprout tomatoes, squash, okra, and a bumper crop of educational programs for families and kids. “The Lower Nine has a strong cultural tradition of growing its own food,” Mwendo says. “One practical reason for promoting self-reliance is to keep us in the mind-set that we can take care of ourselves should disaster strike again.” —

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Produce-growing pioneer Jenga Mwendo, in the Guerrilla Garden in New Orleans‘ Lower Ninth Ward. (Photo by Rush Jagoe)

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