Jose Cotto TSA '14 opens exhibition, COLORFUL HUMANITY

David Armentor

Dec 9, 2015

COLORFUL HUMANITY is a pop-up exhibition from photographer Jose Cotto (TSA '14), showcasing images he created in Vietnam. The show is the first installment of a larger project Jose has been developing called Shoot Canons, Not Guns., a media company seeking to reduce levels of violence in urban communities by arming young people with cameras, exposing them to the processes of production, and creating opportunities for the exhibition of their works.

Saturday, Dec 12, 2015, 6-9pm, 1434 St. Roch Avenue.

Event will also feature live music from The Dave Jones Duo and food by SUBCULTURE.

For more information visit the event page at:

Artist Statement

What draws me to photography is the opportunity to capture honest moments. Moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. Moments that show the true spirit of an individual or place. Weaving through crowds of motorbikes and people on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, and Hanoi, individuals engaging in everyday activities stopped me in my tracks, triggering impulses to fire off my camera. The results are the images presented here. A series of honest moments that celebrate the unique qualities of each city — the culture, geography, and development — but more importantly, highlight a few things that remained constant — vibrant colors, immense joy, and pure love.

If these images inspire you to learn about others, whether that means picking up a camera and engaging strangers, travelling the world and enjoying new foods, or simply browsing the web and reading about something you did not learn in school… I have done my job as an artist. At the end of the day, we are stronger and smarter when we learn about one another. And when you take that time to learn about others in a genuine way, it is impossible to see them as anything less than colorful human beings.


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