Maziar Behrooz '85 receives AIA design awards from the Peconic chapter

David Armentor

Nov 30, 2015

From tiny to x large 

This past year, we worked on two projects that are at the two extreme ends of scale, budget and function. One is a 650 sf pre-fabricated house for three, made of recycled shipping containers, that will be built in Montauk, NY. And the other is a proposal for a 200 person Baha'i Temple for Papua New Guinea.

With the house, of course we tried to accommodate many domestic needs and functions within a tiny space; but we also made it feel generous and open, spatially, by creating courtyards and outdoor spaces that connect it to its surrounding land. And with the temple, we adjusted a very idealized nine-pointed geometry --a given requirement-- to create a space of worship that changes throughout the day as the sun reflects off its deep structural fins, and as light and shadow play across its undulating surfaces. Both share a deep examination of behavior and program. And we are thankful that both were recognized by the AIA Peconic, this year, with design awards.

Baha'i Temple, PNG 

A small house in Montauk



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