Exhibition Curated by Martin Moeller (TSA ’84) Reviewed in Washington Post

Jan 27, 2015

Washington Post art and architecture critic Philip Kennicott published a lengthy review of The Architectural Image, 1920-1950: Prints, Drawings, and Paintings from a Private Collection, an exhibition at the National Building Museum curated by TSA alumnus Martin Moeller. The exhibition presents 70 works that illuminate changing attitudes toward architecture and cities during one of the most turbulent periods in modern history. It is on view at the Museum until May 3, 2015.

It’s curious that today, with many cities thriving once again and young people flocking to urban enclaves, “the city” doesn’t conjure much in the visual imagination. The mental image of urban life is relatively anodyne, a warmly lit habitat for consumption and social bustle, but without much of an architectural profile. After decades of neglect and misguided planning, we now focus on streetscapes, walkable neighborhoods and architecture that is well-behaved, neighborly, frugal and environmentally sensitive, without much thought to the aesthetic drama of the built environment.

How different from the image of the city presented in a fascinating and potent exhibition of architectural and urban images at the National Building Museum... Full Article HERE

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