Noted New Orleans Artist, Friend of the School, and Tulane Alumna

Oct 22, 2014

Michel Varisco is feature in a unique mix of journalism and theater. Her photography captures the changing Louisiana coast in powerful and poignant ways.

New Wave New Orleans premiere features alumna’s story 

Michel Varisco’s story is featured prominently in Water ±, a unique mix of journalism and theater that will debut in New Orleans on Saturday (Oct. 25). A large section of the script is based on work documenting Louisiana’s disappearing wetlands that was conducted by Varisco, who received a Master of Fine Arts in photography from Tulane University in 1995.

In the innovative show that will be staged at the Saenger Theatre, two hosts will introduce global stories of water, from Louisiana’s coast washing away, to immigrants desperately seeking water as they cross borders, to an American learning to be frugal with water in Ethiopia...Full Article Here  

WWNO - Local Photographer Captures Changing Louisiana Coast From A New Perspective

New Orleans native and local fine arts photographer Michel Varisco developed a curiosity about the Gulf Coast region at a young age. With a mother who is a former biochemist, and engineer dad, she started learning on family road trips. Her dad would explain the Bonnet Carré Spillway, or point out dead trees while driving down LA1 to Grande Isle. 

As a professional photographer, Varisco has stuck with the theme of her native changing coast. For the past decade she's documented coastal erosion from distinct vantage points, including a small airplane, a great perspective to see geographic shifts in the wetland landscape... Full Article Here 




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