Eskew+Dumez+Ripple: A year of tragedy and triumph for the New Orleans architects

David Armentor

Jul 25, 2014

By: Doug MacCash of 

They are the smartly dressed guys and gals across the hall, sharing the 31st floor of One Canal Place with | The Times-Picayune. The architects of Eskew+Dumez+Ripple have had an emotionally turbulent 25th year.

The unexpected death of senior partner and public face Allen Eskew in December came as a collective gut punch. Winning the beyond-prestigious American Institute of Architects' annual Architecture Firm Award in June was a bittersweet rebound.

The EDR office has the spare, efficient geometric vibe you'd expect. A line of marvelous wooden models of proposed buildings greets visitors as they enter the subtly lit open space. Employees labor studiously in their plywood cubicles, surmounted by angular, elbowed light stands. The thing that makes the EDR offices different is the view.

Through the windows, the Mississippi River can be seen curving from beyond the Bywater neighborhood to the French Quarter. Partner Mark Ripple, who holds the company's purse strings, says he loves to catch the morning fog as it creeps across the riverbank and spills into the streets. The architecture of the future, taking form in the office, psychically blends with the architecture of the past that stretches off to the watery horizon beyond the windows...Full article here.


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