Please join us in welcoming the MSRED Class of 2015!

David Armentor

Jul 9, 2014The MSRED Class of 2015 arrived on campus earlier this month to start the summer session. Individual bios for this year’s students are available here as a downloadable file. The group includes two students from New Orleans, eight from Louisiana, and six others from California, Massachusetts, and cities in between. Five of our students have an economics or business degree, including two who come to the program with an MBA. Five other students have architecture, landscape or environmental design degrees, and the class as a whole has significant professional real estate experience in the private, nonprofit and public sectors. One student is a licensed Realtor, another is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and one even runs her own specialty cookie business.
Current Students
MSRED - Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development
Casius Pealer
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