(M)Arch. designed BLUR Studio creative office space is in feature article on Hayden Tract in "Curbed Los Angeles"

Apr 14, 2014

Congratulations to Architect Partner for (M)Arch, Todd Erlandson (TSA '87), and his whole team for the completion of this project and the nice feature below.

... architects have been inserting their visions and building upon Moss's armature in different ways and at different scales. Often, out of necessity, they are responding to Moss's vision of architecture, and they must figure out how to explore their own designs in such a symbolically-charged environment. "It was important to us that we recognized Eric Owen Moss, but it was also important that we make a building that is relevant for our clients," says Sherry Hoffman, cofounder and partner of (M)Arch., a Santa Monica firm that recently completed the build-out of one of the iconic Moss buildings.

For (M)Arch., working within the Moss-Samitaur Smith paradigm inspired creative approaches. Their project, a 20,000-square-foot creative office space for Blur Studio in the Paramount Laundry building, is a playful commentary on the original design. "Having a project here means starting with a building that already has a strong position, both aesthetically and culturally. You feel a responsibility to preserve the building's original relevance while also creating a new set of meanings", says Todd Erlandson, cofounder and partner of (M)Arch. "We started by contrasting the comfortable and casual culture of Blur with Moss's post-modern industrial language—expressing the Blur vibe in contrast to an intentional, highly-wrought shell. The next step was about creating immersive moments, those individual and holistic experiences that are uniquely related to the client's culture.

" Curbed Features, "Can Culver City's Hayden Tract be more than an architectural curiosity?"

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