Assistant Professor Kentaro Tsubaki's Smocking featured in the new book "Performative Materials in Architecture and Design"

Aug 27, 2013

 Assistant Professor Kentaro Tsubaki's experimental work Smocking is featured in the new book "Performative Materials in Architecture and Design" edited by Rashida Ng and Sneha Patel published by Intelect, the University of Chicago Press.

 On the closing essay "Speculation of Future Materiality," editor Ng writes; 

 "....the translation between digital and physical contexts requires hybridized methods of investigation that allows for the negotiation of physical conditions to provide feedback into the virtual realm. Hence, developing modes of representation in architecture are working to close the gap that persists between digital and analog means of material making. Smocking: Pleated Surfaces, a project by Kentaro Tsubaki featured within chapter 3, explores the tension between the precise notational drawings that signify the design process and a haptic sense of materiality evoked by unpredictable forces within the physical construct."

The book is available for purchase online in the United States through the University of Chicago Press and Amazon and in Europe from our publisher, Intellect Ltd.,id=4925/

Kentaro Tsubaki
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