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2015 Tulane School of Architecture Summer Newsletter

The Atlantic's 'CityLab' features Tulane City Center collaboration with Mardi Gras Indians

A face mask belonging to Big Chief Victor Harris of the FiYiYi nation tribe. (Matty A. Williams)
The Tulane City Center's history of collaboration with Mardi Gras Indian groups since 2006 has been highlighted in The Atlantic's 'CityLab' forum. Sparked by the success of the recently planned Mardi...  Read more »

Johnson Controls Celebrates Its Investment in the Tulane City Center

10 Years After Hurricane Katrina $1 million commitment helps Tulane University and New Orleans move forward In 2005 Johnson Controls stood with Tulane University to rebuild and resume classes within...  Read more »

The Mardi Gras Indian Council receives a $500,000 grant with assistance from Tulane City Center

A stomping ground for the Mardi Gras Indians Kirby Messinger Mardi Gras Indians are one of New Orleans’ most unique and special cultural groups. Under the guidance of former director Maurice Cox, the...  Read more »

NPR profiles Tulane School of Architecture for work done post Katrina

Building on a long tradition of engagement and design excellence at the Tulane School of Architecture..... More than 100 years to be precise, but with a special focus and intensity over the past 10...  Read more »

Tulane City Center’s Vision and Expertise Contributes to $500,000 Grant for Mardi Gras Indian Cultural Campus

The Mardi Gras Indian Council, in partnership with the Foundation for Louisiana, recently received a $500,000 grant from ArtPlace America. Originally developed by Tulane City Center, under Maurice...  Read more »

Dean Schwartz Publishes an Opinion Piece in the Times-Picayune

Image by  Will Crocker
Please see the attached Op/Ed by Kenneth Schwartz in the Sunday, May 17, 2015 Times-Picayune titled, “ Post-Katrina lessons in building a stronger community. "  Read more »

Opening scheduled: Grand Opening of Parisite Skatepark

Visit the event page for the details.  Read more »

Grand Opening of Parisite Skatepark

TSA community, This weekend is the grand opening of Parisite Skatepark! The city is hosting the event and the Mayor will have some words to say then there will be DJ's, skating, food, and general... Read more »

Tulane City Center Featured in New Wave

Tulane City Center comes home Barri Bronston Tulane City Center has a place to call its own, and faculty, staff and students could not be more pleased with the finished product, said Maggie Hansen,...  Read more »


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