Graduate Student Government Colloqium: River Cities

Architecture's role in a world built on water


Tulane School of Architecture Graduate Government will host its annual Colloquium on March 23, 2018 at Treme Market Branch (800 N. Claiborne Ave.) from 6-9 p.m. Three panelists—Aron Chang, Derek Hoeferlin, and Ramiro Diaz—will take part in the increasingly-prevalent urban conversation of “living with water.” Using New Orleans and the Mississippi River as a lens, the discussion will explore the role of architecture in this discussion. What are the responsibilities of architects to engage with this problem? What are the architectural possibilities it allows? Can New Orleans, surrounded by water, turn its precarious situation into a cultural and architectural asset?

Prospective Students, Current Students
M.ARCH I - Graduate, M.S.ARC - Graduate
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