Sparking Conversation about Community-Engaged Design

Tulane School of Architecture Graduate Colloquium


The Tulane School of Architecture Graduate Government formally invites any and all interested to our annual Graduate Colloquium. This year's theme is "Sparking Conversation about Community-Engaged Design." Our four panelists who are specialists in community-empowering work will be leading an interactive conversation about design in the public interest. Our hope is that the event will serve as an inspiring evening and networking opportunity for non-profits, architects, designers, planners, developers, preservationists, educators, current & prospective students, and anyone else interested in community empowering work.

Dan Pitera | Architect, FAIA | Detroit, MI | Executive Director of Detroit Collaborative Design Center | Harvard Loeb Fellow | Co-leader, Civic Engagement process for the Detroit Works Project Long Term Planning

Theresa Hwang | Architect | Los Angeles, CA | Founder, Department of Places | Former Director, Community Design & Planning, Skid Row Housing Trust | President, Board of Directors for the Association for Community Design

Marc Norman | Urban Planner & Economist | Los Angeles, CA | Founder, Ideas & Action | Harvard Loeb Fellow | Developer/financer of over 2,000 units/$200 million in affordable housing

Garnette Cadogan | Essayist & Journalist | New York, NY | Visiting Fellow, UVA Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture | Co-editor, Oxford Handbook of the Harlem Renaissance | Editor-at-large, Non-Stop Metropis: A New York City Atlas

    Event Schedule:
  • 6-7:00pm: Bouldin Bar (Jazz Market lobby)
    Cocktail reception with live jazz
  • 7-7:45pm: Auditorium
    Conversation among the four panelists about community-engaged design, led by graduate students from the Tulane School of Architecture.
  • 7:45-8:30pm: Auditorium
    Opportunity to meet the speakers and each other over dessert & coffee (provided)
Current Students, Visitors
Architecture, M.ARCH I - Graduate, M.S.ARC - Graduate, MPS - Master in Preservation Studies, MSRED - Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development
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