Pinhole Ya Ya

an exhibition by David Armentor


Pinhole Ya Ya’ is an interactive show between three artists that explores the process of photography on a fundamental level through images rendered from lensless cameras.

David Armentor creates portraits of PhotoNOLA Volunteers to showcase the aesthetics and possibilities of the camera obscura technique in terms of formal portraiture. These pinhole images were made using enlarged paper negatives. A walk-in, multi-lens camera obscura has been installed in the gallery so viewers can experience the simplicity of this tool. 

With the mindset of “in this realm the camera is as much a part of the art as the image it produces,” Heather Oelklaus features selections from her eccentric homemade/toy pinhole camera collection. Each camera will be paired with an image she created using the tool.

Seth Boonchai explores the distinctive characteristics of lensless photography using a video approach. The video explores Seth’s childhood immersed in the culture of the deep South intertwined with a Thai Buddhist upbringing.


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