Good News Memo Fall 2014


Summer is a busy time for the staff at the School of Architecture. While most students and faculty are away, they continue to work on our behalf all year long. We have made tremendous progress on a number of issues over the summer and hosted a number of successful events at the School. I want to take a moment to reflect on our successes and the changes made over the summer months, and to celebrate the work of our wonderful staff. 

Career Development

Megan Weyland has had a busy summer prepping Career Development to be ever more successful. Her office has moved to the 3rd floor to room 308 and she will be taking on the role of Admissions Advisor, as well as joining the School as an Adjunct Lecturer teaching a fall credit course in conjunction with Professional Concerns. The School of Architecture has also paired with the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) to be a part of their pilot survey program for schools around the country that was launched this summer. The survey will gather post-graduate comments on the current market and job placement.

Career Explorations

This summer, 15 high school students from Virginia, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Georgia, and California joined 8 local students for Career Explorations in Architecture at the Tulane School of Architecture. The teaching staff included Michael Crosby, Jill Stoll, and Bahareh Javadi, with Olivia Pontiff and Calvin Gallion as Teaching Assistants and Resident Advisors. Students toured the French Quarter, Garden District, and the Lower Ninth Ward. When not in studio or on a field trip, students enjoyed lectures, watched “Architecture School,” and learned about the college application process. They even had a 4th of July barbeque with a workshop on making birdhouses out of discarded materials.


Fall 2014 marks the one-year anniversary of the School’s CNC lab. Operating under the alias MILLHAUS, the lab continues to flourish in its role within the institution and beyond. MILLHAUS will come online in collaboration with ADGM 6200 this fall. While sections appear to be at capacity, please feel free to come to the first day of class if you are interested in hearing more about us! Beyond this class we will continue to serve student work and faculty research. Protocol for seeking consultation and operating hours can be found on TSA's website. Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Facebook\MILLHAUS throughout the semester!

Deans’ Office

There are some major changes to the Deans’ Office this fall. Stephanie Clough has joined the staff as the Program Coordinator for the Associate Dean for Academics, Wendy Redfield. Dean Redfield will also be expanding her role to include working with finance, admissions, the faculty, and both the undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture, in addition to her work with the curriculum. Dean Schwartz will be focusing on the Richardson Memorial Hall renovation and addition, Development, and working with the MSRED, MPS, and SISE programs.

Staff Field Trips

At the end of July, the School of Architecture staff had their first civic mindedness field trip. With Sam Richards acting as tour guide, they visited the URBANbuild houses and learned about the process students go through to design and build the houses. They also visited Café Reconcile and toured the new TCC offices on Baronne Street in mid-August. The staff hopes to go on one field trip each semester to learn more about what our students and faculty accomplish and be more connected to the service opportunities at Tulane.

DOL and Digital Technology

The DOL has obtained new RIP software to operate the 3 roll plotters, as well as a new plotting computer with SSD drive and 32 GB memory, and a new Epson 17” portfolio plotter. They are also in the process of testing a MakerBot checkout system. In the studios, we have added new color printers on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors, and added 1 GB network connections for all studio computers. In the classrooms, we have added new HDMI projectors in 204 and 305, and updated to a bigger display in 405.

Richardson Memorial Hall and the Grounds

Every summer Sam Richards works with Facilities Services on a number of touchups, fixes, and improvements to Richardson Memorial Hall. We are lucky to have a dedicated building manager; without his attention and dedication to what needs to be done to upkeep this building, it is doubtful that many of our maintenance issues would ever be resolved. Over the summer, a number of rooms were painted, patched and otherwise touched up, and the grilles were cleaned on the mechanical units. Desks were moved and offices were shifted, and a new door was added to 206a, allowing access near the library and making it functional as a faculty office. The Faculty and Staff Work/Break Room was reorganized and refurnished, and new chairs were purchased for the tables in the Favrot Lobby. Room 400 was cleared out and turned into a centralized publications storage room, where we keep copies of The reVIEWS, Recto Verso, our summer newsletters, TCC booklets, and all our programs’ publications. Perhaps most noticeably, Engineering Road has been repaved and painted, and the Tulane City Center was relocated to 1725 Baronne Street. There are several projects still in progress, including getting card swipes installed for the DOL and the Shop, and installing the dust collection system in the Shop. The architectural team for the RMH renovation was also in the building over the summer executing structural investigations, which have exposed some flaws, some of which were temporarily remedied. More investigations are anticipated.

I am excited about the year ahead and wanted to share some “good news” from the summer months as we enter into our first day of the fall semester.

Kenneth Schwartz, FAIA
Favrot Professor and Dean

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