RBST 4400/6400

Design Urbanism

  • Course Number: RBST 4400/6400
  • Instructors: 
    Grover Mouton
  • Credits: 3
  • Semester: SpringFall

This seminar will focus on the development of Urban Design analysis and recommendations for two sites, including student interaction with public officials and community members as facilitated by the Tulane Regional Urban Design Center (TRUDC). The projects and workshops are real ongoing initiatives of the TRUDC, and will afford students the opportunity to work directly with project participants, community members, and municipal representatives in a sustained dialogue over the course of the semester. 

Students will be asked to develop analytical and interpretive skills by first identifying potential target areas for urban intervention and then to rectify them through limited schematic design work that will serve as a basis for interaction with the partner organizations associated with each project. Through this process, students will gain a better understanding of interpretive research and design on the urban scale. 

RBST 4400/6400 Course Description

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