ATCS 4225/6225

Advanced Technology Fabrication

  • Course Number: ATCS 4225/6225
  • Instructors: 
    Emilie Taylor Welty
  • Credits: 3
  • Semester: SpringFall

This seminar is a companion course to the Small Center design build studio. The course will focus on methods of assembly and will give students knowledge of different materials and their detailing/assembly. The first half of the semester will focus on building skills and gaining knowledge through experimentation, while the second half of the semester will serve as support to the design build studio’s fabrication project.

In total, the seminar and studio courses aim to create innovative designers who understand the basics of building and who know how to engage, collaborate, and execute projects with a social interest. This seminar is an opportunity for you to explore detailing, fabrication, material qualities, and technologies.

ATCS 4225/6225 Course Information

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