ARCH 4933/6933

SPECIAL TOPICS: Creative Community Shaping

  • Course Number: ARCH 4933/6933
  • Instructors: 
    Monica Ramírez-Montagut
  • Credits: 3
  • Semester: Fall

This course explores the theory and practice of selected architects, artists, designers, and activists working to positively transform and shape their communities in creative manners. We will focus on initiatives defined as “social practice art” operating at the intersection of several disciplines to accomplish a “designed” element. For initiatives carried out in reality, we will center our attention on the understanding of site and site-specificity, intervention vs integration, and assess the resulting “design”. For theoretical initiatives that live as museum exhibitions, we will analyze  the proposed project as well as the exhibition design. The course includes readings, class discussions and student presentations, meetings with local artists/activists, curators, and culminates with a design proposal with an interactive and participatory component for an exhibition that addresses the theme of this semester (mass incarceration in Louisiana) “Per-Sister: Mass Incarcerated Women in Louisiana” slated to open at the Newcomb Art Museum on January 2019.

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