ARCH 4930/6930

SPECIAL TOPICS: Museums: History, Design Display

  • Course Number: ARCH 4930/6930
  • Instructors: 
  • Credits: 3
  • Semester: Fall

This course investigates museums as preeminent cultural institutions of the 21st century. It is developed in modules through substantive readings and case studies that range across architectural and programmatic typologies, sites and contexts, functional requirements, and theories and practices of display. The geographic reach of the course is international.

  • historic typologies: museums as civic cultural institutions (2 weeks)
  • contemporary typologies: museums as educational institutions (2 weeks)
  • museums and cities: place-making, cultural economies, and touristic destinations (2 weeks)
  • museums and identities: collective memory, identity politics, cultural contestation (3 weeks)
  • ideologies of programming and display (2 weeks)
  • field trips (local and regional) (2 weeks)
  • final presentations (1 week)
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