ARCH 4910/6910

Independent Study

  • Course Number: ARCH 4910/6910
  • Instructors: 
  • Credits: 3
  • Semester: SpringFall

Independent Study courses give upper-level undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to work with a faculty advisor to pursue a personal academic interest with greater focus. Qualified students must develop a syllabus and schedule with the faculty advisor to be approved by the program directors prior to registration.

The syllabus and schedule along with the completed Independent Study form must be submitted to the program directors (UG Arch: Emily Parsons, GR Arch: Ben Smith) by the last day of registration. The Independent Study form can be found at:

A student may earn no more than six Independent Study credits (typically 2 courses) during the course of his/her studies at the School of Architecture.  Design studio requirements are not eligible to be met through Independent Study.

The proposed syllabus should list the faculty advisor and include a title and clear course description with stated objectives and specific results to be produced over the semester, including final outcomes. The syllabus should also include texts/readings and any other pertinent reference materials to be utilized. The syllabus should make clear the objectives and expectations so that the faculty advisor can easily evaluate and grade the work according to the original ambitions of the study. The schedule should make explicit the outlined progress for the semester on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, including content to be covered, items to be produced and meeting schedule with the faculty advisor. Independent Study courses typically carry three credit hours of elective credit with a grade assigned by the faculty advisor at the end of the semester.

An independent study cannot be used in order to generate more credit hours for time devoted to thesis, as an additional thesis component. An independent study course can, however, be a parallel research or investigation helpful to thesis design development, as long as the goals and end product of the additional course are distinct from the goals and final requirements of the thesis project. In this case, such an Independent Study course would fulfill the requirement of  the Thesis Support Elective.

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