ARCH 3351/6351

Digital Fabrication

  • Course Number: ARCH 3351/6351
  • Instructors: 
  • Credits: 3
  • Semester: Spring


This course will primarily deal with mold making as a fabrication technique to construct complex, three dimensional screens and panels. Historically, the role of craft in architecture is often used to describe specialization in a singular technique such as the skillset of a mason, woodworker, or smith. The assembly of multiple techniques is also considered a specialty and is often referred to asfabrication. This is a general definition that allows for a wide range of research into the means and methods of making. Thiscourse will address a subset of that research, technology’s influence on fabrication or digital fabrication. Specifically, we will focus on the technological influence of digital fabrication in architecture as a way to reframe the role of craft as a more fluid orchestration of multiple techniques. To extend beyond the realm of mere technical necessity, course content will focus on aspects of historic and contemporary architectural design methodologies that consider performance and expression in relationship to technologically driven fabrication techniques.

Course Information


Old Course Number: ADGM 6400


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