AHST 6464

New Orleans Geography for Architects

AHST 6464 Course Description

Using New Orleans as a lab and case study, AHST 6464 brings the perspectives, approaches, and tools of the discipline of geography (including two weeks of GIS workshops) to students of all interests inside and outside the School of Architecture. Through lectures, field trips, discussions, research, and GIS lab time, we will address the following questions with a focus on New Orleans: 

• What is the shape, form, and origin of the physical landscape? 

• How have humans transformed that landscape into a cityscape? 

• How have we responded to environmental change and trauma? 

• How are phenomena spatially distributed, why, and how have they changed through time? 

• How do people, perceive, produce, and contest the use of space? 

• How are power, class, race, and inequity involved in the use of space and the allocation of urban resources? 

• How may we depict those patterns through mapping and GIS? 

• How can we use spatial information to restore disturbed places? 

• What is the role of geography in architectural sustainability? 

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