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Full-Time and Part-Time Employment

Albert Architecture

 Albert Architecture is currently seeking team members at all levels, from undergraduate part-time employment to full-time degreed and licensed architects.

Albert Architecture is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is a multi-state licensed architecture firm with experience providing both public and private sector clients with architectural services in both renovation and new construction. Albert Architecture ensures customer care through communication, innovation, performance, and reliability.

Albert leads a team of 12 professionals, composed of graduates from University of Louisiana, Tulane University, Virginia Tech, University of Tennessee, University of Alabama, and Arizona State University. Our staff members are LEED AP, experienced in Revit and BIM, and are geographically diverse.

Albert Architecture offers a collaborative studio environment where our cross-disciplinary work fosters a unique design culture. Our team members have comprehensive benefits and compensation for professional development activities. In addition, we enjoy opportunities to socialize throughout the year. We encourage resumes and portfolios from talented students and professionals at all levels. 

Ideal candidates will be organized, detailed oriented, and will possess excellent design, communication, and graphic skills. Responsibilities may include meeting with clients, on-site investigations, design documents, construction observation, coordination with consulting engineers, and assistance with marketing efforts. The candidates will possess an understanding of project budgets and schedules, building codes, and professional ethics to ensure quality standards are met. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Adobe Create Suite, AutoCAD, and Revit is mandatory. Rendering skills are a plus.

Please send resumes and portfolios to info@albert-architecture.com

New Orleans, LA
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