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Project Architect

The Schmiberg Group

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Company: The Schimberg Group Inc. is a collaboration-focused architecture firm committed to the highest levels of client service. We listen closely to our clients and often work with contractors and sub-contractors throughout every phase of a project—from planning to occupancy. As a result of this approach, we deliver creative, innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally sound buildings and interiors that exceed expectations. We have provided building design, interior design and renovation and remodeling services for commercial and residential buildings, grocery stores, restaurants, condominium complexes, and upscale homes, including luxury waterfront residences. At The Schimberg Group Inc., we welcome new design projects and challenges with open minds, enthusiasm, and a respect for real-world budgets.


  • Proficient in ACAD and Sketchup
  • Able to manage a project from start to finish, including coordination with engineers, construction documentation and construction administration
  • Ability to communicate comfortably with clients
  • Other:

    • Registration not necessary
    • Salary will depend on experience
Sarasota, FL
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